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The introduction of TMC ZPKing

ZP King produced by Tianmu Telecom is a sort of cheap instrument. It is a integrated Intelligent software maintenance-free demolition instrument. It aims to cater many rudimental mobile phone maintenance men. The ZP King users only need to spend less money to solve the common mobile phone malfunction. Nowadays, the mobile phone market is overflowing with abundant less known and inferior domestic brands, while, the product of ZP King is of fine quality and low price.

(1) Intelligent demolition-free box.plug and play function and detect definition quickly.

(2) ZP King supports 24 routes of random definition. As long as you insert the data cable into the tail socket, you can use it. The communication between instrument and mobile phone is carried on by the interconnection of data cable and tail socket. The pins of tail socket known by us are not more than 24. We can define them as what we need, for instance, Rxd, Txd, Vcc, Gnd, D+, D- and so on. As to different definition of a mobile phone, if the tail socket is the same, we can change the definition of the corresponding pins. Thus, we can use it as long as we insert the data cable into the mobile phone. We call it supporting 24 routes of random definition.

(3) It supports spreadtrum(zhanxun), MTK, AD, TI, SKY these five platforms and can detect CPU and the condition of tail socket automatically. ZP king provide many kinds of software flash platform and data of phone type in China, for example, Bird, TCL, Amoi, ZTE, Lenovo, Konka, Hisense, KeJian, Haier, CECT, BENQ, TELSDA and so on.

(4) Tianmu Telecom independently develops the software flash platform, and it support the unlock, reading and writing of spreadtrum6600M/E?MTK6225?6226?6227?6228.

(5) Since ZP King also possesses interior protective circuit, it can supervise the instrument and the abnormal operation. If the electric current is overflowed, the instrument will cut off the electrical source automatically to protect the mobile phone and its instrument from damage.

Compared with other congeneric product, it has the advantages of price, capability, function and service. The product of ZP King is the rudimental users’ best choice, and you will never regret. Certainly, if you are good at software rudimental operation, you can choose intelligent one and super one whose function is more powerful.



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