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Super star

The introduction of Super Star Lite

Function introduction
1. Support 26-route random definition. Plug in cable and play function.
2. Built-in USB detection chip which makes detection quicker and more accuracy.
3. Support the unlocking, reading and writing of chip groups of ZhanXun 6600M/E, MTK6225, 6226, 6227, 6228 and so on.
4. Provide 8 groups of phone power supply voltage.
5. Support the automatic recognition of 8 chip groups.
6. The detection of charge pins is safer.
7. The whole protection function is possessed.
8. Negative and positive can be converted automatically.
9. The operation is very easy.
10. The configuration of super star adapt to the development of mobile phone. It is the best instrument to maintenance variety brand phone.
Main Configuration
1. a mainframe
2. 22 data cables
3. a DVD disk
4. an English operation instruction

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