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Its unlocking function is the most powerful edge tool in solving software malfunction of mobile phone.

TMC-96 software whose software edition is V2.34 or above has been added into“unlocking tool” in the mobile phone tools.added into various data-unlocking and calculating procedure to solve these problems basically that flash data is encrypted etc.( such as Tianlong T99, Meichen788 etc emerge” SIM is unacceptable” while writing data)

Add into 130 configuration (equipped with 10*13 adapter that applies to pins gap of 0.75mm and 0.80mm flash)

built-in ram has been tested automatically so as to avoid problem such as mobile phone can not power on result from forgetting to test above.

Multi-positions&multi-48programmers functions, various quality level of IC could be adaptable completely.

IC read-write impulse width could be adjusted and the read-write speed will be uninfluenced.

Transmissing synchronously, ensuring more high-speed of upgrading.

Special ID comprehensive contrasting ways, protective function of real-time overfull current

Excellent after-sales service, reliable guarantee

Continuously &quickly updating of internet software and follow-up service, please logging in the downloading center of www.sy-bz.com to download the latest main-control software and flash data cost-free, ensures your programmers will be run in the highest efficiency .

Professional quality-guarantees and after-sales promises: Mainframe is warranted to exchange within 1 year, maintained within 3 years cost-free (exclude the clamp socket), removable socket is warranted to exchange within 2 months, repaired within half year cost-free. nationwide warranty,

Professional after-sales hotline: 020-81013701,technicians would provide you with expertise.

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