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Illustration of the function of Qizuotong series:TMC-168U programmer

USB port,168pins all intelligent drive,adopt 48MHz. USB2.0 MCU construction

All intelligent IC could identify position. It could be placed discretionarily in the same direction and IC doesn’t need aim at only pin. Each position corresponds to a programmer after changing into another position; multi-position would promote Qizuotong series possess the functions of 13 sets or even more instruments.

Supports more high-speed of read-write of 16 bits, 32 bits apparatus and 1.2-5V working voltage of apparatus as well as 0-15V or 25V programming voltage ( depends on the appointed switch power supply)

Extended function port, supports COM communication, complied with the cable and general with software which mobile phone free of disassembling.(TMC168u Only)

User could add into IC model independently, and ending added the selection of unknown flash models conveniently and quickly.

Search IC model automatically and correctly to help users to run more conveniently.

Its encrypting and unlocking function is the most powerful edge tool in solving software malfunction of mobile phone.

Utilizes PHS flash or eeprom files to run the operation of its programming, etc.

Be on more consideration about users to exchange flash !

Built-in ram has been tested automatically so as to avoid problem such as mobile phone can not power on result from forgetting to test above.

Supports flash, eeprom, ram of various mobile phones, multi-gap removable adapters support all BGA IC of 0.75mm & 0.8mm & 1.0mm & 0.5mm

168pins all drive, perfect firmware design and it’s unnecessary to purchase adapter over again for software upgrading.

Software complies with WINDOWS 98/98 SE/ME/NT/2000/XP operating system.

Intelligent Chinese- English software interface would be free shift and helps users run easily.

The picture of IC pin position is displayed by the picture of material object in favor of judging the connection status of IC pins rapidly. and correctly

Read-write impulse width could be controlled in testing performance of IC.
Real-time overfull current protection is adopted to insure safety of IC.

Insuring flash files in blank whenever initiate to erase it or later

To upgrade software is convenient and quick. Users could log on “www.sy-bz.com” to enter into “tianmu mobile forum”or logging in downloading center(down.tmc2.com.cn )directly to download the latest edition software.

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