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The introduction of super one

1. Totally random definition of cable and pin.(many kinds of phone signal, true 24 route electric resistance that can be pulled up or down, independent intelligent electric resistance, short circuit, inverse) Super one supports the random definition of USB signal output by computer, support the definition of USB signal output by single dog instrument, support short circuit or the same exist of inverse and pulling up and down, support the connection of two physical short circuit, support the short-circuit of three pins, can define pulling up electric resistance whose four resistance number can be adjusted so as to meet the demand of high speed communication and support the definition of other instrument’s output signal.

2. USB control route way and the definition of cable can be used randomly. 232CM port and double high speed COM port, attachment serial port can be controlled randomly. The super one can control power at any time without pull or plug tail socket repeatly.

3. RAM type of CPU, attachment dog, and the quantity of attachment dog is not limited.(At present the software dog is HWK, DLOK, SMART, tianxianpei and simens).

4. First create the extension attachment port, connect other instrument, can define randomly and confront future intelligently.

5. The limited current electric resistance function of independent intelligent resistance can ensure that it won’t damage phone when detection.

6. Customizing data is put into instrument. The definition follows instrument, so safe.

7. Many kinds of phones can be upgraded at the same.(3 or 4 phones, the type of phone can be different.)

8. Supply power with double route, so convenient.(it can upgrade phones without outer power supply)

9. The design of double high speed serial port(FT232 and PL2303). Phone high speed reading and writing is more stable. For example, setool and cruiser interface.

10. 4 route power monitor.

11. V3.52 version host-control increase MTK auto definition and GND, power detection automatically.

The V3.2S superone has solved the problem of USB electromagnetism disturb. And the FT problem rised by UFS also can be solved. V2.6 portone and V3.2S super all can solve the problem of USB electromagnetism disturb and HWK function is stable and convenient.

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