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New intelligent one

The introduction of New intelligent one

1.Support 24 routes random definition. Plug and play function.

The communication between instrument and phone is usually implemented by the connection of data cable and phone tail socket. The pin of tail socket we know is no less than 24(as the development of technology, the amount of pin will be less). Phones in the market have the same amount of pins, but they demand many kinds of definition. Using intelligent one, every pin of 24 pins can be defined as RXD, TXD,VCC GND, D+, D-…… As to phones which is defined differently, if tail socket is the same, then it can change the definition of pin accordingly. Plug and play function. This is what we said support 24 routes random definition.

2. Whole open USB port

It is a big decline that more and more phones adopt USB transformation, and use USB to upgrade and download pictures and songs. Especially nowadays, using USB to download pictures and songs is beneficial, and the operation is simple. Intelligent one’s USB definition and USB download detection function can meet the demand of customers well. Customers not only can use the USB download function of intelligent one, but also can use more than 80 strips of built-in cables to download.(tianmu telecom will gradually add up new USB download definition)It is not necessary to buy a new single download cable. Thus can save your money. Because of the inner short-circuit protection function, the phone can avoid damage.

(Small information: The new intelligent one can detect charge pin and it can be used as charger for unknown phones just according to the result of the detection. We all know that buying a charger of unknown phones is also beneficial.)

3. Pulling up/down electric resistance can be defined randomly

As to some phones’ connection, only pull RXD or TXD high or low can connect to computer reliably. Those instruments whose price is below 1000yuan can’t do this. But intelligent one take advantage of inner intelligent electric resistance and can realize the random definition of pulling up/low resistance number. The connection to computer becomes very easy. The customer also can adjust the number of resistance and the electric pressure according to the practical circumstance.

4.Support the auto identification of 8 groups of chip

As the development of telecommunication, more and more types of phone appear in the market. There are many kinds of chips, for example, zhanxun, MTK, AD, TI, SKY, jieer, yingfeiling, OM and so on. Phone with each kinds of chipset need according interface to read and write. Sometimes the outer of chip is the same, but the chipset is different. This condition is too trouble. The auto identification and auto detection function which intelligent one have can identify the according chipset without opening the outer phone. It also can detect the definition automatically. What you need to do is that choose the interface operation.

5.the whole protect function

The inner protect circuit of intelligent one can monitor the abnormal operation of instrument. If the current is too larger, the instrument will cut off the power and protect phone and instrument from damage.

6.interface developed by tianmu itself

Now the interface we use now is almost from the original factory. The advantage is stability and reliability, but the there is also disadvantage. For example, the operation is complex. Some interface is English, which is no problem to veteran, but is difficult to greenhand. MTK, SKY chipset comprehensive interface developed by tianmu telecom can solve this problem. These interface not only promise the stability and reliability of original factory interface, but also try best to simplify the operation. The Chinese interface is more likely to handle and also eliminate the puzzle of choosing interface for unknown phone.

7.Provide many Chinese interfaces

Usually the customer can operate interface developed by tianmu telecom, but the original factory interface is necessary, too. We also try our best to make the English interface into Chinese.

8.Support many types of phone

Intelligent one support other type of phone 100% except NOKIA and the type of phone needing lock dog. It is especially adopt to unknown type of phone. It can be said that a intelligent one plus a UFS-3 or UFS+HWK which write the NOKIA can deal with almost phone in the market.

9.Perfect after service
The credit and the strong ability of tianmu telecom ensure the best after service after customer buying intelligent one. The service include the succeeding upgrade and technical support.

10.Teach you how to operate

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