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Tianmu Telecom Group Profile

Tianmu Telecom Group Tianmu Telecom Training School Scientific research and develop
Technology training
Tianmu Telecom Co.,Ltd. Technical service (maintenance center)
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Tianmu Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd. Items developing
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Eyes on future, First-class technology!

Tianmu Telecom was founded in 1995.Tianmu Telecom was only a high-tech communication company that located in Huanghuagang Scientific Trade Street of Guangzhou.After 10 years rapid development,Tianmu Telecom has developed into a high-tech enterprise combines develop, sales and training.What make Tianmu rises up among communication companies are its powerful research strength, high-quality products and sincere services.Tianmu Telecom invests abundant expenses that occupy 30%-40% of profit every year to the new products and research.It owns first-class engineers team and research equipments.Tianmu Telecom develops more than one hundred kinds of products independently, Especially,the newly released high-level technical products such as TMC168 and TMC96 programmers,etc. impels greatly technical innovation in this field, thereinto,TMC96 has passed international CB safety certification which symbolizes Tianmu series of programmers have obtained recognize by international authority institutes in material application as well as core technology and QC,etc. meantime, it improves image and popularity of our products in domestic& international market.and also, include GSM mobile phone upgrading instrument, GSM mobile phone maintaining instrument,etc.,some have obtained technical department’s awards.

Tianmu Telecom believes that success for enterprise is not mentioned only about economic achievement,most importantly,it should undertake the duty that society and industry arrange

The important task for Tianmu Telecom in the new century is provides more advanced high-quality maintenance instruments and cultivates more first-class qualified maintenance professionals and impels the improvement of domestic communication maintenance level.

Tianmu Telecom is composed of high-tech enterprises,includes Guangzhou Tianmu Telecom Developing Co.,Ltd.,Guangdong and Tianmu Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.and Guangdong Tianmu Telecom Training School,etc.

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